RICOH GR III - Good things get better

Nodal point adapter for the new RICOH GR III

It was a long time coming, the successor of the extremely popular and successful point and shoot camera RICOH GR II. But now the latest generation of the GR, the version III, is available and convinces with a new sensor, image stabilization and a revised 28mm lens. As with its predecessor, we now offer a precisely fitting nodal point adapter that is adapted to the GR III, with which all kinds of panoramas with perfect quality can be realized in the simplest way.
Although the cameras (GR II and GR III) look almost identical at first glance, each version requires its own matching nodal head. The housing of the GR III is about 0.5mm thicker at the relevant points and the nodal point is about 7mm closer to the camera. As a result, the camera moves so close to the axis of rotation that a specially adapted, smaller hand screw is used for attaching the camera. Nevertheless, the GR III can be effortlessly and securely attached and sits in the recess without any play.
As with the GR II, you can create a complete spherical panorama with 3 rows (-48 °, 0 °, + 48 °) and 12 photos each row (every 30 °) as well as up and down (zenith and nadir).
You can buy the pocketPANO COMPACT for the RICOH GR III in the shop...