The ultra-compact nodal point adapter especially for your compact camera

With the pocketPANO COMPACT nodal heads, it is possible to take high-quality panoramic pictures with supported compact cameras, such as the SONY RX100, the CANON G7X-II or the Fuji X100F!

The pocketPANO COMPACT nodal point adapters are perfectly matching your camera. They feature rotators in two axes with integrated click-stops, and are smaller and lighter than your camera itself. Each model is specially designed and intended exclusively for the corresponding camera.

Expand your options! Make perfect, parallax error-free panoramic images with YOUR compact camera. All you need is a special nodal point adapter that lets your camera rotate exactly around the center of its entrance pupil between each shot - horizontally and vertically! Whether you just want to increase the viewing angle of your camera, in order to be able to fully depict a subject, or to make complete panoramic views of interiors: with the pocketPANO COMPACT nodal head you have no limits! And all this super fast, easy, intuitive and without the need to adjust anything.

pocketPANO COMPACT - the VR panorama head for your compact camera. For all types of panoramas. From single-row to multi-row to full 360° x 180° spherical panoramas.

special features at a glance

pocketPANO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head


The pocketPANO COMPACT nodal point adapters are specially designed and manufactured for your camera model. It's NOT a universal adapter you have to set up for your camera!

pocketpano panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

Small & lightweight

Due to the exact adaptation to your camera without adjustment elements and the consequent lightweight construction, the pocketPANO COMPACT nodal point adapters are among the smallest and lightest on the market!

Super easy

Unpacking. Clamp or screw adapter onto your tripod. Screw on the camera. Finished! The pocketPANO COMPACT nodal point adapters are built for YOUR camera, you do not need to adjust anything. And nothing can be misaligned.