Features & Details

The pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapters are equipped with everything you need for optimal adaptation to your camera and thought through to the smallest detail. The following functions and features distinguish this variable panorama head:

Can be perfectly adapted to your camera

The pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapter can be perfectly adapted to YOUR camera thanks to the sliding rails, the adjustable click-stops, the adjustable upper axis rotation resistance and the variably positionable screw fixing stops.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapters are equipped with extensive adjustment options, in order to be able to adapt them optimally to your camera. This not only applies to the sliding rails to match the pivot point of the adapter with the nodal point of your lens, but also comfort features such as the adjustable click-stops and the individual adjustment of the rotational resistance to the weight of your camera. So you do not just do flawless panoramas; the recording is also fun!

Integrated rotators with adjustable click-stops

The pocketPANO VARIO has integrated and adjustable click-stops in both axes of rotation which greatly facilitate the capture of panoramas. The integrated tool activates or deactivates the desired locking elements without having to replace or disassemble any part.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The two axes of rotation of the pocketPANO VARIO have different, coordinated locking angles. Since the camera is in portrait orientation during shooting, the horizontal rotation requires smaller locking angles than the vertical rotation. The adjustable locking angles of the lower rotator (60° / 30° / 20° / 15°) are smaller than those of the upper axis of rotation (90° / 45° / 30° / 22.5°). With these locking angles and possible combinations thereof, panoramas with a wide variety of focal lengths can be recorded; from the 8mm circular fisheye to the 75mm telephoto lens.
To set a certain locking angle, only the corresponding labeled elements must be activated. As a result, the locking angle can be easily and intuitively adapted while on the move, without having to study the instructions or having to have any locking plates there.
Of course, the detent can also be completely deactivated.

Ultra compact & lightweight

Like all pocketPANO nodal point adapters, the VARIO can be easily combined for transport in a compact unit. Nothing is changed at the camera setting and nothing has to be set during the reconstruction.

The low weight is ensured by a sophisticated construction and the innovative material HPL.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The ultimate goal in the design of the pocketPANO nodal point adapter was the smallest possible size and low weight.
Therefore, the pocketPANO VARIO panoramic heads are designed in two parts. In "transport mode" the two parts are connected to a flat unit. As a result, they require much less space than in the typical bulky form of conventional nodal point adapters. Of course, you can also keep the two parts of the adapter separately. Thus, they fit into the smallest side pocket!
For a low weight, the most important parts of the pocketPANO nodal point adapters consist of a very light, stable and resistant high-pressure laminate (HPL). This modern material consists of many layers of cellulose kraft paper, which are pressed with phenolic resin under high pressure and temperature. The beneficial properties of this material are manifold: it is totally resistant to moisture, temperature resistant, extremely scratch and break resistant, has a decorative surface, is very easy to machine and does not require expensive surface treatment (such as aluminum) after milling.
For comparison: HPL is about 6 times stiffer than conventional engineering plastics and weighs only half as much as aluminum. An ideal combination!
Incidentally, HPL (similar to wooden tripods) has an excellent damping behavior and vibrates significantly less than metal structures.

Also for cameras with laterally offset tripod thread

What is usually impossible with conventional nodal point adapters is no problem for the pocketPANO VARIO: The use of cameras with laterally offset tripod thread.
An optional adapter is available to compensate for the lateral displacement of the thread in both directions by up to 20mm.

This adapter is available as an accessory for the pocketPANO VARIO-S (variant with screw connection) and is simply installed between the camera mount and the swiveling arm. Equipped with its own mm scale, the lateral displacement of the tripod thread with respect to the lens axis can be compensated with mm accuracy.

Easiest operation

When recording your panorama, you want to concentrate fully on your subject - but not on the operation of the nodal point adapter. To meet this requirement, the pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapters have an adjustable friction of the upper pivot, which can be adjusted by means of a clamping screw exactly to the weight of your camera. This keeps the camera in the desired position and can be swiveled intuitively - without releasing and tightening a clamp - until it reaches the next vertical click-stop position.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

Properly adjusted, the camera can be tilted up or down without having to turn a clamping screw. This is comfortable, saves time and reduces the risk of recording errors. The clamping screw changes the preload of the igus® iglidur® plain bearing, which ensures a permanently stable friction and thus ensures that the preload does not have to be readjusted even after many shots.

screwing or rather clamping?

The pocketPANO VARIO is available in two different versions, which differ in the type of camera attachment. As you like, you can choose between the flexible screw fixing with variable stops (VARIO-S) and the clamp fastening with integrated Arca-Swiss-compatible quick-release clamp (VARIO-K).

We recommend the variant with screw connection (VARIO-S) for those who want to use their camera without quick-release plate or L-bracket. The screw connection can be used with a variety of cameras, has a large adjustment range and variable stops that ensure a reproducible camera position. For this variant, an optional adapter is available, which allows the use of cameras with laterally displaced tripod thread.
For all users who have permanently mounted an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate (clamping plate) or a compatible L-bracket on their camera, the fastening variant with the quick-release clamp (VARIO-K) is the ideal solution. It should be noted that the additional thickness of the clamp and the plate attached to the camera may exceed the adjustment range of the bottom rail of the nodal point adapter. For large mirrorless cameras, therefore, the larger XL version of the VARIO is better suited.
For detailed information look here...

secured against unwanted twisting

The best adjustment of the nodal head does not matter if the camera can not be reproducibly attached to the adapter. Even a slight tilting of the camera leads to a large shift of the nodal point and thus inevitably leads to stitching errors.
Therefore, the pocketPANO VARIO-S with screw connection has variable and optimally adaptable stops that guarantee a reproducible attachment of your camera!

The screw fastening is designed so that the camera rests when screwed on either on its front or back on two round plastic stops. This ensures a repeatable and straight mounting of the camera.
Since each camera has a different housing shape and also the position of the tripod thread varies, the stops can also be attached to different positions. Mostly several variants are possible and you can choose which one you like the most.
Some cameras with an irregular shape may not have a flat contact surface on the camera. Here the use of the movable stops can help. This results in countless possibilities for optimal adaptation to a wide variety of cameras.

Two sizes

Small VARIO for small cameras - big VARIO for big cameras!
The "normal" VARIO is suitable for almost all compact and mirrorless cameras with both screw and clamp attachment.
The larger VARIO XL has a 10mm longer lower rail. Thus, the larger cameras can be fixed with the Arca clamp, where the adjustment of the lower rail of the "normal" VARIO is not sufficient. You can find more information about this HERE...

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

To make the adjustment range of the lower rail and thus the dimensions and weight of the VARIO not unnecessarily large, there is the VARIO in two sizes. The VARIO and the VARIO XL differ only in the length of the lower rail. All other components and properties are identical.
The VARIO XL is designed for cameras in which the distance from the bottom of the camera to the optical axis (center of the lens) is so large that it can no longer be compensated with the "normal" VARIO. This occurs in particular when using larger cameras such as the Sony A7 or A9 with the clamping variant of the VARIO (VARIO-K).
Please note: the adjustment range of both variants is the same (25mm). This means that the VARIO XL (especially in the variant with the screw fixing [VARIO-S]) is not suitable for very small cameras. More information about the important dimensions of your camera can be found on the "Supported Cameras" page.
Since you never know exactly which camera you want to use in the future, the corresponding rails of VARIO and VARIO XL can also be purchased separately. This can be exchanged in no time. So you can make a VARIO XL (and vice versa) from your VARIO!

ARCA clamping profile and screw thread

For maximum flexibility, the pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapters have an integrated Arca-Swiss compatible clamping profile and a 3/8" screw thread. A matching adapter for reduction to the smaller 1/4" thread is included.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

In the lower rotator an Arca-Swiss compatible clamping profile is integrated. With it you can clamp your pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapter fast, reliable and uncomplicated on any compatible tripod head. For even more flexibility, a standard tripod thread (3/8" UNC) is integrated, which allows direct screwing on a tripod. Who wants to mount his pocketPANO VARIO on a tripod with the small photo thread (1/4" UNC) can use the enclosed adapter.

Bottom image (Nadir)

If you want to take an extra picture of the floor area that is covered by the tripod, you can easily move the camera 180 ° outwards. Unscrew the hand screw, turn the vertical part of the pocketPANO VARIO over and tighten again.

Everything straight

On top of the pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapter is a well-readable spirit level. This allows the adapter to be aligned quickly and easily.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

So that not all your panoramas look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, each pocketPANO VARIO nodal point adapter has an easy-to-read spirit level. With this spirit level you can align your panorama head exactly horizontally.

Rotating angle scale

So you keep the overview: a freely rotatable angle scale. This always gives you an overview of the start and end points for your panorama.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The adjusting ring with engraved angle scale can be freely rotated by hand. You can use it to take panoramas of a certain width or to easily recognize when you have taken all the pictures for a row.

Always there

For all adjustment work on the pocketPANO VARIO, be it the adjustment of the rails or the click stops, you only need a single tool: a small 2mm Allen key. And this is always there, since it is held magnetically in its own place and is captively protected in transport mode.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

High quality

All milled parts of the pocketPANO nodal point adapters have been machined on precise CNC milling machines. All edges are chamfered, all inscriptions milled into the surface and then filled with white lacquer. This makes them particularly stable, scratch-resistant and legible even after a long time.
Each nodal point adapter is hand assembled, adjusted and fully functional tested.

pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

Technical specifications

technical specifications pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

Even more information...

...you can find in the manual. This is also included with every pocketPANO VARIO panorama head as a printed booklet.

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Made in Germany

If you've already wondered why we offer our pocketPANO nodal point adapters so cheaply: it's not because they're made in the Far East!
Quite the opposite: The entire production and assembly takes place in the middle of Germany, in Ilmenau in the Thuringian Forest.
With our nodal point adapters, we want to enable a large group of users to immerse themselves in the fantastic world of panoramas. In order to keep production costs low, the design of our adapters is designed to meet production requirements and additional manual processing is kept to a minimum.
We pass this advantage on to you.