pocketPANO - panoramic heads

Innovative lightweight construction for the perfect panorama

You love panoramas? So do we! Especially on the road and when traveling, where there are often more exciting motifs than at the front door. But we don't always want to lug around the heavy DSLR...


With the pocketPANO nodal point adapters, specially designed for their intended use, it is now possible to create high-quality panoramas with compact cameras and mirrorless cameras without having to lug around unnecessarily heavy equipment designed for large and heavy DSLRs!

pocketPANO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

What is pocketPANO?


pocketPANO is the name of extremly lightweight and innovative panoramic heads (no-parallax-point adapter, NPP), which perfectly fit your compact or mirrorless camera.

As big as necessary - as light as possible

Under this motto we have developed all our nodal point adapters. The combination of unusual high-tech materials with highly integrated designs enables the construction of the lightest and at the same time multifunctional panoramic technology.


You can choose between the ultra-compact and camera-specific pocketPANO COMPACT for selected compact cameras and the variable pocketPANO VARIO for almost all compact and mirroless cameras. For rear shift panoramas with the popular Canon TS-E lenses we have also developed a special solution with the Rear Tilt 'n' Shift Frame.


pocketPANO COMPACT panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The pocketPANO COMPACT is an ultra-light and compact multi-row nodal head with integrated rotator and click-stops (horizontally AND vertically) individually made for your compact camara without the need for adjusting the no-parallax-point.


pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The pocketPANO VARIO is especially made for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, beeing extremely small and lightweight, fully adjustable, arca-swiss campatible, equipped with rotators and tunable click-stops for both axes!

pocketPANO REAR Tilt 'n' Shift FRAME

Lens clamping ring for rear shifting and panning of the camera with the CANON TS-E lenses 17mm f/4L, 24mm f/3.5LII as well as the TS-E 50mm F/2.8L Macro


Clever accessories not only for panoramic shots




Expand your possibilities! Take perfect, error-free panoramic shots with YOUR camera. All you need is a special nodal point adapter that allows your camera to rotate around the exact center of its entrance pupil - horizontally and vertically! Whether you just want to enlarge the angle of view of your camera a little bit to be able to capture a motif completely or if you want to make complete 360° panoramic views: with the pocketPANO nodal point adapters there are no limits for you!

pocketPANO - THE panorama head for your compact and mirrorless camera. For all kinds of panoramas. From single row (singlerow) to multi-row (multirow) to full 360° x 180° spherical panoramas.


Imagine: You buy a high-quality compact or mirrorless camera for a lot of money, because you don't want to lug around heavy equipment every time. But you don't want to miss out on anything! Sometimes your lens is not wide enough? Every now and then you want to take a high-quality downtown panorama? Or regularly a full 360° x 180° panoramic view? It won't work without a nodal point adapter!


Unfortunately, you will quickly notice that almost all nodal point adapters on the market are large, heavy and expensive. They are designed for large SLR cameras with correspondingly large adjustment ranges.


This is exactly where the pocketPANO nodal point adapters come in: They are the ideal "always with you" companions for your camera. The priorities in the development of our panorama heads are quite clear: smallest size, easy handling and low price with full functionality!

This is achieved by the individual modification of the adapter geometry to each camera model (pocketPANO COMPACT), the consequent focus on the size of the camera (pocketPANO VARIO), the high degree of integration (no modular principle of universal parts) and the use of an extremely light, stable and resistant high pressure laminate (HPL) as structural material.

Of course, this is more complex than a conventional nodal point adapter. But we are sure: it is worth the effort! Compare the functionality, the size, the weight or the price with conventional adapters yourself. You will quickly realize that there is no alternative...