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The multi-row VR panorama Head for your compact or Mirrorless camera

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What is pocketPANO?


pocketPANO is the name of extremly lightweight and innovative panoramic heads (multi-row no-parallax-point adapter, NPP), which perfectly fit your compact or mirrorless camera.

pocketPANO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

the perfectly matching Nodal Head for your Camera

We offer 2 different kinds of nodal heads:

The one-of-a-kind pocketPANO COMPACT, especially and individually made for selected high-end larger sensors compact cameras whithout the need for any adjustment and the adjustable pocketPANO VARIO, which is made for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and is equipped with an extremely compact design and tunable clicks for both axes!


pocketPANO COMPACT panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The pocketPANO COMPACT is an ultra-light and compact multi-row nodal head with integrated rotator and click-stops (horizontally AND vertically) individually made for your compact camara without the need for adjusting the no-parallax-point.


pocketPANO VARIO panoramic head, panorama head, nodal head

The pocketPANO VARIO is especially made for mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, beeing extremely small and lightweight, fully adjustable, arca-swiss campatible, equipped with rotators and tunable click-stops for both axes!

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