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Extension Rod

Carbon fiber extension tube to minimize the area shaded by the tripod or tripod head. You can find all details here...

pocketPANO Extension Rod ER200

The pocketPANO Extension Rod is an ultra-light and highly stable extension made of high-quality carbon fiber that can be universally mounted between the tripod or tripod head and nodal point adapter to reduce the shaded area.

  • 200mm length (7.9in)
  • 88g lightweight (3.1oz)
  • with 10kg load capacity (22lbs)
  • 3/8" thread in the Arca-Swiss compatible foot (including thread adapter)
  • 1/4" thread for mounting a nodal point adapter or any other equipment
pocketPANO Extension Rod / 200mm

49,90 €

  • 0,08 kg
  • leider ausverkauft | out of stock

pocketPANO LENS-Grip

Additional grip for better handling with ZEISS Loxia lenses

All details can be found here ...

Low shipping costs!

Since the pocketPANO LENS-GRIP is so small and lightweight, it can be sent very cheap by letter. Therefore, the shipping costs (in contrast to the shipping costs specified for our nodal heads) for any number of LENS GRIPs is only €0.90 (worldwide)!


Additional grip for better handling with ZEISS Loxia lenses (2.8/21, 2.4/25, 2/35, 2/50, 2.4/85). Delivery including printed instructions

Additional grip for ZEISS Loxia lenses

9,90 €

  • 0,01 kg
  • leider ausverkauft | out of stock